In a single night, I got rid of nagging chronic hip pain (you can read my story here) that I thought was something I had no choice but to live with forever. I had no idea joint pain can be caused by a poor quality mattress.

But joint pain, like so many negative health issues, can be a result of sleeping on an inferior mattress.

The good news is, changing something as simple as the bed you sleep in can reverse many of these problems.

IntelliBED is my family’s choice for a sleep system that provides the correct support and results in quality sleep every night. The IntelliBED experience goes far beyond a better sleep each night.

As a scientist, I was eager to delve into the research of toxic mattresses once I heard about IntelliBED’s non-toxic sleep system. I had no idea that those high-end (and high priced!) mattresses on the market were eight times more likely to harbor dust mites, contain dangerous flame retardants that are associated with serious health issues and so much more. You can read the details about this here.

Bottom line is: Most people aren’t getting the best sleep they can get. Those same people are suffering from all sorts of allergies that tax their immune system, which is already bearing the burden of poor sleep. While a “quick fix” is a rare find in this world, this is one time it is possible to solve multiple health issues with a simple change of your mattress. It really is that easy.

Get in touch with the folks at IntelliBED today, tell them Gigi sent you and use the special discount code GIGI10 to save 10% on your new sleep system. You won’t regret it!